Welcome to the Julie Daniel Memorial Web Site. This web site is dedicated to Julie Ann Daniel who died September 7, 1990 as a result of a traffic accident involving a drunk driver. Her fiance Kevin died September 4, 1990 at the scene of the accident.
The purpose of this web site is to let people know about Julie’s short and vibrant life and to provide information regarding the academic scholarship in her name.

Summer Magic

by Cal Closson Julie was my first cousin and was always full of life. I feel like I was as close to her as a cousin can be, particularly as we both entered adulthood. But we had always been close – our mom’s are twins and as children, my two …

My Sister

by Scott Daniel Julie was my sister and only sibling. It’s difficult to describe what its like to grow up with a sibling and then find yourself an only child. There are things that only a sibling understands. They were there with you when it happened and understand you in …